Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why political correctness is so evil

Radical Islam expert Brigitte Gabriel says ISIS is capable of anything from shopping-mall shooting sprees to nuclear attacks in the U.S. and believes the best way to ward off calamity is for Americans to wake up their elected officials and demand they “throw political correctness in the garbage can” and confront the radical threat as it truly exists.

Actually, Political Correctness and tolerance are among the most evil things on the earth.  For instance, we could stop black on white crime pretty quick by becoming intolerant and killing the lazy, welfare recipient, parasites wherever we find them.  Likewise, we never should have quit calling blacks, niggers, until they first stop calling themselves niggers.  

Instead of being mamsy pamsy pansies, we should treat blacks like the niggers they are until they begin to act differently. 

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  1. Dude. You are going to get excommunicated like Rock Waterman, John Dehlin, and Kate Kelly. Only their beliefs were more about love, justice, and truth.