Friday, November 29, 2013

How inferior races destroyed America's commerce

Back in the days when the American language was English and before the socialists took over, it was not necessary for a store to add 30% to a products' cost in order to cover losses from people returning merchandise for no legitimate reason.  For instance, today, it is common, even online, for a customer to return an item because after a few weeks, they changed their mind.  

In an effort to appease the weak minded, most stores will accept returns for any reason.  Companies like K-Mart will eventually be driven completely out of business as a result.  A customer buys an item for $10 and 3 weeks later discovers the same item for 3 cents less.  Since the illegal aliens and blacks receive their money, housing, transportation, and phones for free, and are not required to seek employment, they have nothing to do all day between their drugs and alcohol.  As a result, they can return merchandise and receive a refund.  

One Amazon seller I talked with recently, told me of a woman that bought a duty belt for her new security officer job.  Three months later, she had changed jobs and asked for a refund on the duty belt because she no longer worked as a security officer and did not need it.  Her petty brain could not fathom that sales are supposed to be final except in cases of fraud or product defect.  

For every dollar profit in the United States, thirty cents goes to cover the costs of returns.  An otherwise profitable floor space is allocated to returns.  Employees are hired to receive the returns back.  90% of the returns are unsellable because the package is torn and many times pieces are missing.  How many times have you seen a damaged box on the shelf and reach for another one because you do not want to have to get home and find out that some illegal alien bought it and kept the power cord and returned the rest for a refund?  

And it's not just illegal aliens.  Many blacks feel an obligation to "stick it to the man."  Most stores write the whole return off as a total loss and donate the merchandise to charity.  

There is no logical reason for a store to accept returns, except that many feel that if they don't, they will lose the weak minded, welfare customers.  There are 40 million people on food stamps alone.  Collectively, they spend half a billion dollars a month on food alone.  They represent a huge portion of the spending population.  

So in the end, the people whose taxes pay for the unwilling to work, are hit again by an invisible 30% tax every time they buy something with the money they earned.     

For the single mother that has a job paying slightly higher than welfare, that chooses to work instead of mooch, the 30% cost to the economy would give her a 30% raise if only stores would stop accepting returns.  The working poor are hit the hardest.  In many cases, this cost of accepting returns becomes the difference between a single mom working for a living and being forced to accept welfare.  

Who is it that returns merchandise?  People of character and integrity would not be caught dead in a returns line.  Honest people take personal responsibility for their actions and do not return anything for trivial reasons.  The people that return merchandise are the scum of the earth.  They spend money foolishly, knowing that they can return the item later if they change their mind.  

Returning an item actually costs the store more money than if you outright stole the item.  This is because when an item is stolen, it is written off and deducted from profits and that is the end of it.  But when an item is returned, it is not only written off and deducted from profits, but there are several employees involved that receive wages.  

Next time you are in a store and see someone in the return line, just remember that they are the scum of the earth and are costing you money personally, every time you make a purchase.  Remember that they are a part of the reason that all items do not cost 30% less.  Remember that while they have nothing better to do with their time, they are wasting the time of several others that could be doing something productive or of value.  Remember that if the person in the return line was to die, the world would be a better place.   

Monday, November 25, 2013

Have you had a vision? Out of body experience? witnessed a miracle?

If so, there is a new site that would like to hear your story.  Please visit

In today's evil world of queers, free birth control, rampant abortion, corrupt government, etc., it is nice to know that there is a God, and that Satan's rule is temporary.

There are thousands or even millions of people that are seeking the truth.  The public education system has lied to them and tried their best to program their minds.  Who can they trust?  They for sure can not trust the government.  They can't trust their school or teachers.  Even some churches are full of bull crap.

If you have experienced a spiritual awakening, or a vision, or OOB (Out Of Body) experience, or have witness a miracle, please take the time to visit this new forum and tell your story.  Even if you have already told your story somewhere else.  

You could literally save a life.


America's new growth sector: Poverty

by Bill Bonner, Chairman, Bonner & Partners
Bill Bonner
Baltimore, Maryland

Monday, 25 November 2013

“Don’t bother coming to the US this week,” we told a colleague in Britain. 

“Hanukkah begins on Tuesday. Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Then everyone goes shopping. The week will be a total loss from a business standpoint.” 

But this is a big week for retail. It’s the start of the holiday season. Americans will “shop until they drop.” Or until they run out of money. Whichever comes first. 

How is the season shaping up so far? Here’s a report from Bloomberg:

The holiday shopping season hasn’t even officially begun, yet pessimism is already prevailing: Some experts have predicted this year’s sales increase will be the worst since 2009, the year the recession officially ended. Major retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy are warning investors the current quarter will be soft. […]

Howard Davidowitz, a longtime retail analyst and chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, a consulting and banking firm, [says] the retail sector looks bleak.

“This economy is in trouble,” he says in an interview with The Daily Ticker. “The middle class is crushed. The only growth area in this economy is poverty.”

Davidowitz argues that the low-wage, part-time jobs that have been created in the US over the past few years have done little to boost economic growth and individuals’ personal welfare. Even the stores that cater to the middle- and lower-income classes – such as Walmart – are trimming profit forecasts because of a “challenging” retail environment.

Not all consumers are struggling – Davidowitz says Americans in the top 10% income bracket will be busy spending their money next month. Luxury retailers such as Tiffany and Michael Kors will be two of the big winners this holiday season.

“If I’m upscale, I’m a happy camper,” says Davidowitz. “The top end will do great.”

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It has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, options, or any other conventional financial strategy…

Instead, it's a fun way to profit directly off a company's most successful product lines, and generate huge gains – without having to buy a stake in an entire business.

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Officers’ Insignias in the Consumer Army

Top end? Bottom end? What’s the difference? At the top end, you can buy more stuff. But that doesn’t mean you’re a happy camper.

Remember, money itself is worthless. After the bare minimum you need to keep yourself alive, the rest is “positional.” It just tells you where you stand compared to others. More money means you can get more stuff than other people can. 

“And you can get more expensive stuff,” wife Elizabeth adds. “They are now selling sweaters for $2,000. And women’s handbags sell for as much as $10,000.” 

“Positional goods,” economists call them. Like a Rolex or a Patek Philippe watch, they are like officers’ insignias in the consumer army. The $2,000 sweater doesn’t keep you any warmer, but it puts you among the generals rather than with the privates. 

“I live in Aspen, Colorado,” said a psychologist friend we work with at our family wealth investment advisory, Bonner & Partners Family Office.

“Nothing but rich people there. But guess what? They’re miserable. 

“The women all have the same strange look – like some kind of robotic females – because they all have the same plastic surgeon. The men are all so busy with their careers – earning money – that we see them only on weekends and holidays. Most of them are on their second or third marriages. And the children are a mess. 

“These people have everything you could want. Palatial homes. Their own private jets. The latest gadgets. The latest fashions. But all that stuff just seems to get in the way. 

“One kid I know only saw his mother after he got home from school. The parents had an au pair get him ready in the morning and take him to school. Then someone would pick him up from school and he would see his mother, but just for a few minutes, because she’s a busy executive, too. Then they call me in because the kid is having trouble … 

“I just say, ‘Well, duh!’ 

“The suicide rate in Aspen is four times the national average. Figure that out. Everyone wants to get rich. Then they move to Aspen and they’re so miserable they want to blow their brains out.” 

Smart Money… Dumb Money

Smart money. Dumb money. Rich. Poor. Everyone buys stuff he doesn’t need… often with money he doesn’t have. And he thinks it will make him happy. 

Then one delusion feeds off another one. The feds see the higher sales numbers… they see the retail clerks bagging packages… the credit cards sweeping through the card readers… and the automobiles backing up at mall entrances.

“Hey,” they tell us, “it’s a consumer economy. People are consuming. GDP is growing. That’ll make people happy.” 

Economists act like a person at the Thanksgiving table:

“Go ahead! Have another piece of pumpkin pie. You can put away another slice. And put some whipped cream on it.” 

“Thanks a lot. Just what I needed.” 

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. 

Not that we have anything against consumerism. It’s just as good as any other kind of “ism,” as far as we’re concerned. But are people really happier when they spend money? Are they happier when the GDP goes up? Are they happier when they have more stuff?

Answer: not necessarily. 



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nigger "knock-out game" leaves jig a booing


(Editor’s note: Colin Flaherty has done more reporting than any other journalist on what appears to be a nationwide trend of skyrocketing black-on-white crime, violence and abuse. WND features these reports to counterbalance the virtual blackout by the rest of the media due to their concerns that reporting such incidents would be inflammatory or even racist. WND considers it racist not to report racial abuse solely because of the skin color of the perpetrators or victims.) Videos linked or embedded may contain foul language and violence.
The newspaper in Lansing, Mich., came so close to getting it right: An intended victim of the Knockout Game pulled a gun and shot at his attacker. So far so good.
This version of the game had a twist: Instead of punching the victim in the face, the predator used a taser – a KL-800 Type Stun Gun capable of generating 1.8 million volts.
The assailants had scouted the site, the victim and even practiced firing the taser. But then it all went wrong. Or right.
When Marvell Weaver jammed the taser into the ribs of the still unidentified man and pulled the trigger, it jammed. The target pulled out his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson and shot Weaver as he tried to escape to the getaway van where two of his accomplices waited.
“Weaver ran, sat down across the street, his leg going numb, bleeding. Pleading.
“‘I’m sorry, please don’t kill me, I don’t know why I did that, I’m high you know, I just wanna go home,’” the teen told the man who had just shot him.
He lived. This happened in May, while the intended victim was picking up his child at a school bus stop. The story came out this week.
“The teen was hospitalized with a non-life threatening injury. At first, Weaver said he merely removed the stun gun from his pocket to look at it and the man shot him. He later confessed to the attack, records show.” took pains to put the attack in context, citing this statistic and that trend, but in the end, it pronounced the crime “random.”
That caught the attention of readers and others throughout the country familiar with the Knockout Game as it is played hundreds of times in St. Louis, Champaign, Chicago and dozens of other cities around the country. Said a reader:
The “game” is not random. It is a very racially charged “game” with very strong criteria for “target” selection.
There are many, many reasons for “target” selection beyond “than they are there.” There is the inherent hatred of the participants along with their boredom and restlessness, accompanied by a “they got and I don’t, so what does it matter if I hurt them” mentality.
In St. Louis alone, a judge said one person was responsible for 300 episodes of the Knockout Game. In Oklahoma, an accused killer of the Australian college student Chris Lane tweeted that he was “playing golf” and hitting “woods” prior to the murder earlier this month. Woods is short for “peckerwoods:” White people. The Knockout Game.
He said he did that five times since the acquittal of George Zimmerman for the death of Trayvon Martin.
The Knockout Game is documented in “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.” Many of the examples are on video, which readers of the new edition can see by scanning a QR code as they read about it in the book.
In St. Cloud, Minn., a car full of black people came upon a college student in an alley walking two girls home from the library. The car screeched to a stop, one man got out, and hit 20-year old Colton Gleason in the face. He died.
This week, Jesse Smithers told the court the attack was in self defense: Gleason and the two girls attacked his car.
In St. Louis last year, the mayor came upon the remnants of a Knockout Game when he found a badly beaten and bloody Matthew Quan in the gutter. Knocked Out. As he stopped his car, the black people sauntered away, laughing.
One of the assailants was arrested but the charges were dropped after a witness disappeared. The mayor said she was threatened.
The accused assailant died earlier this year when he was shot while breaking into someone’s house. He was 15. His grandfather said he was a good boy and this was another case similar to Trayvon Martin: a black person shot for no reason whatsoever.
In St. Louis earlier this year, a black person was sentenced to life for the Knockout Game death of a 72-year old Vietnamese immigrant.
In Alabama earlier this year, four members of the national championship football team were kicked out of school after three admitted to playing the Knockout Game two times on campus.
In Syracuse, a man died this year after a black mob kicked his eye out playing the Knockout Game. This prompted a commentary from another resident of that city talking about his son’s experience as a victim of the Knockout Game.
In Pittsburgh last year, several black people were caught on video punching a teacher in the face as they passed each other in an alley. That happened twice: Earlier that year, another teacher was almost killed as he slipped and fell in traffic while fleeing the Knockout Game, on video.
Last year in Meriden, Conn., DeAndre Felton and his friend thought they found an easy mark for a bit of the old Knockout Game. They chose the wrong guy: He pulled a knife and killed DeAndre and wounded the other attacker. The attackers’ parents said their children were innocent, just like Trayvon.
But anyone looking at the hundreds and hundreds of anecdotes knows this: The victims can be white. Or Asian. Or women. Or homosexual. But this much they have in common: All of attackers in the Knockout Game are black.
But wanted no part of that uncomfortable truth. Neither did some of its readers. “Please don’t tell me you’re bring[ing] the race card into play,” said one. Other said that perhaps Weaver could have taken the victim’s gun and done even more damage.
Whatever the merits of ignoring the intensity and frequency and racial angle of this crime, some gun owners were happy with the story nevertheless.
“MLive is great on firearms issues and crime coverage,” said Barry Shickinger. “And as a disclosure, I’m the executive director of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners – Michigan’s largest state-based gun group and ally with the National Rifle Association.”
While the people of Lansing try to sort out the best way to protect themselves, the prosecutor is trying to figure out how to charge Weaver.
Weaver’s two accomplices – the ones who drove him and helped him scout the victim and watched the attack – were not charged. And some in Lansing worry Weaver may get off easy as well.
Because the intended victim was not harmed, and there was “no evidence” Weaver wanted to rob him, prosecutors will not charge him with robbery or aggravated assault. A plea bargain conference is set for next month.
“I don’t blame you for what you did. You were only trying to protect yourself. I only wish I could go back to change it to were (sic) I never did it. .. Im very sorry.”
See a trailer for “White Girl Bleed a Lot”:


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Only people that hate God can believe blacks are equal

Blacks are cursed, not because of Ham, but because of Cain.  .

In the premortal world, every spirit had a unique intelligence.  Each unique spirit also was unique as to sex.  That is, male and female existed before mortality.

During the premortal world, each spirit had unique experiences, and learned and lived in a progressive state.  That is, some spirits were better than others.  Some were smarter.  Some were better behaved.

When it came time for the spirits to come to earth and receive a body, each spirit was born into circumstances that were what he or she deserved as a result of merit in the premortal world.  It was not mere chance to be born black or white.  It was not just dumb luck that some were born in Africa and others in a rich white home in the United States.

This life on earth is a further test and how we do here will determine which estate we inherit in the world to come.  Same thing as when we came to this estate from our previous one.

God cursed the blacks based on their performance in the pre-mortal world.  When Cain killed Abel, Cain became the father of the posterity that was deserving of the curse.  If one is to say that blacks are equal, that is to deny the curse, and would in fact be calling God a liar.  I realize that some also deny the existence of God.  This is possible because God, being the ultimate believer in freedom of choice, will not ever interfere with your freedom to choose.  At least not until the Judgement, at which time, you and I and everyone else will be done with the testing process and will live out Eternity in whatever estate we have earned.


Friday, November 15, 2013

How to handle democrats

Everybody has a friend that is or says that they are a democrat.  Often times, the person does not even know what a democrat is.  They have never actually read the democratic platform to see what it is that democrats actually believe in.  They say something like "I have always been a democrat.  My parents were democrats" etc.  They have been brainwashed from birth to say that they are a democrat and to die for it if necessary.  It has never occurred to them to read up on what a democrat is.

So if you ask these mindless robots what a democrat is, they mumble something about being for the people, collective bargaining, helping the poor, and other nonsense.

What we have here is a case of people so brain dead, that like pedophiles, only one in a thousand can actually be rehabilitated and even if one is rehabilitated, they can never be trusted because like a pedophile, they may re-offend.  So the question becomes "should they even be allowed to live?"  WOW!  Harsh, you say.  Well, the sole purpose of the democratic party is to follow Lucifer's plan to remove faith in God, destroy the economy of the entire earth, and make sin look good.  If it weren't for democrats, we would not have 60 million people on welfare, we would not even be talking about ObummerCare.  There would be no unemployment.  The housing market never would have crashed.  There would not be banksters on Wall Street or anywhere else making money at the expense of the poor and helpless.

The battle between good and evil did not end when God threw Lucifer out of Heaven.  If you don't believe in God, then please go commit suicide as soon as possible because you are incredibly stupid, blind, and are part of the problem.

Men and women live for a hundred or so years and then die.  Whatever they can accomplish in that amount of time is their legacy.  Lucifer has had thousands of years to set his plan in motion and to deceive the masses.  The democratic party is actually the party of Lucifer.  It wasn't always so.  But all of the things that democrats have ever done were done with the sole purpose of paving the way for the day when the party would be 100% Lucifarian.  

The Bible predicted this 2000 years ago as did lots of other sacred records.  Good is made to look bad and evil is made to look good.  

Every conservative knows this.  But every single breath of a democrat is spent on furthering the Satanic forces by adding more evil voters like illegal aliens and attacking good on all fronts.

So really, what you see when you look at a democrat, is a person that wants to destroy the minds of all children in public school by telling them lies and making them believe that evil is actually good.  They intend to remove all private property rights and create a police state.  They intend to enslave the mentally weak blacks by giving them free things and making them dependent.  They intend for young girls to have to put up with horny boys in their locker rooms and showers and given free birth control.  They intend to destroy the family unit and pit child against parent and parent against child.  There is not a single item of goodness in Satan's minions and as we see on television every day, the democratic party is the father of all lies, because the father of the democratic party is the same evil one that God threw out.

So at the very minimum, every democrat is a body that is possessed by an evil spirit.  The truth is that every democrat is the epitome of evil.  Every democrat is the enemy.  There is no such thing as a good democrat.  If a democrat claims to be a Christian, he is a liar.  Now, obviously, all democrats by necessity have to believe in God in order to believe in the Evil One which they follow.  This does not make them Christians.  This only proves the existence of opposition in all things.  
It is therefore safe to say that if you kill any democrat in cold blood or with premeditation, it is actually, in fact, a case of self defense.  As a matter of fact, it is our duty and obligation to rid the earth of as many of these evil vermin as possible.

There is no difference between a man that rapes your daughter and a man that votes for laws to make it happen.  


Sunday, November 10, 2013

One Knife, for Life!

With millions of knives to choose from, which knife could have the unique honor of being the most versatile, long lasting, profoundly utilitarian, incredibly sharp, magnificent design, unbelievably low cost, and legal to carry in all states and countries?
MTech Xtreme Boot Knife designed by Tom Anderson
Designed by Tom Anderson

MTech Xtreme introduces the TA-37GN designed by Tom Anderson.  The black 440 stainless steel blade comes from the factory sharp on one side only.  Once both sides are sharpened, you have a dagger extraordinaire!  The G-10 handle is an easy grip and feels incredibly comfortable to hold.  The hard, mold injected sheath is a work of art and brilliance.  The knife can be inserted into the sheath in either way since the dagger point is centered.  A firm snap keeps the knife in the sheath until ready for action.  A solid belt or boot clip is screwed onto one side securely with three screws.  Handles a 2" belt, or can be mounted inside a boot or waistband.  It could also become a neck knife by using the lanyard for a necklace instead of a leg-tie.  The model shown is a green accent handle, although both tan and gray are also available.  I buy all my knives from because they have everything in stock and ship same day with low prices.  This particular knife can be viewed or purchased at:   

The knife is 7.75" overall length.  I collect knives and have literally thousands of them.  This knife is a high quality production comparable to knives costing ten times as much.  

Survivaldealer sells this knive for under $20 including free shipping.  

This knife when sharpened as suggested above will easily penetrate a winter coat, shirt, and thermal underwear to pierce the heart and drain the blood of the punk so fortunate as to receive service from it's business end.  

Quick.  Silent.  Deadly.  Wear in or out of view.  If you haven't got one yet, you're naked without it.  Get dressed!        

Monday, November 4, 2013

Islam Explained in simple terms

Everything you ever wanted to know about the pedophile Muhammad.  How Satan uses this religion to destroy the world.