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Seat Belts kill as many as they save

Seat Belts Kill
While returning from a family reunion, traveling north on Utah's Interstate 15, pulling a small trailer in my Jeep, I was struck by a Ford Explorer that was entering the freeway on the incoming ramp and while attempting to merge with traffic already up to speed. The driver of the Explorer waited for my Jeep to pass and turned left into my trailer. She hit my trailer so hard and direct that her driver side front wheel made a deep permanent mark in the side of my trailer as it tipped the trailer over onto it's side. When the trailer tipped over, it tipped my Jeep over also. The Jeep slid down the freeway on it's side and slammed into a guard rail at the side of the freeway near a bridge overpass. When the Jeep slid into the guard rail, it smashed the top down to the hood. The top touched the top of the seats. This would have crushed the head of any occupants unfortunate enough to be belted into the death trap position. Fortunately, none of the occupants wore belts and all survived. Cars manufactured in the United States do not contain roll cages like race cars and are not intended to survive a rollover.

Sometimes a seat belt saves a persons life. Sometimes a seat belt kills the person. This is a simple fact and anyone saying otherwise is a liar, a moron, and likely should have been aborted as a fetus.
As is the case with all rules and regulations that were initiated by Satanic followers, saving lives has nothing to do with it. Government control, revenue collection, and the advancement of the police state and Satan's plan has everything to do with it.

The fact of the matter is that it is a 50-50 chance and should be totally up to the adult who has a right to say yes or no to the belt. If a police officer, judge, or anyone else demands that you wear the belt and thereby sacrifice your life, he or she is absolutely, guaranteed, guilty of premeditated first degree murder and should receive the death penalty at the earliest moment possible. The earliest moment possible may be within 5 seconds of the officer making the statement and therefore it may be necessary to kill the policeman on the spot in self defense, right there on the side of the road or wherever the moron demanded that you lose your life.
If a school teacher tells the lie to a child that they should always wear a seat belt, the teacher should be killed as soon as possible in self defense and also to prevent the serial murderer from killing again. Naturally, if a bill board is erected making such a statement, all of the employees of the bill board company should be killed along with whoever paid for the murderous advertisement.

If a book is published with this lie in it, all employees of the publishing company should be killed in self defense as well.

If a state or county government should demand that anyone be killed in order to satisy such a satanic law, then all state and county employees should be killed in self defense at the earliest possible moment.

This is precisely how stupid such a law is.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Drunk On The Beltway: Two Obama Tricks That Are Going To Clean Boehner’s Clock

Posted by Michael Hammond

From the diaries by Erick
Watching House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell negotiate with Barack Obama is like watching a drunk try to run across the Beltway. Whether it’s ObamaCare, the financial reform bill, the Kagan nomination, the disastrous Lame Duck agenda, the Senate rules battle, the pathetic “continuing resolution deal,” or the current debt limit fight, you know both of them will end up as a splotch on the road, marked by Barack Obama’s tiretracks.
Let me predict two tactics Obama will use:
Democrats approach negotiations with a stack of demands they expect to bargain away. Republicans go to the table with the position they intend to end up with.
Who do you think’s going to win that negotiation?
Remember the “public option” which Democrats absolutely had to have? Hapless Republicans spent months battling it -– only to have it traded away for ObamaCare as we currently know it.
Feel good about that deal, huh?
Remember the Democrats’ absolute refusal to accept an extension of the Bush tax cuts that would go to the “wealthy”? Republicans drew their line in the sand on that issue -– only to have it bargained away in exchange for a tax extender bill written largely by Obama, the START Treaty, the repeal of “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell,” a new entitlement, and a reenergized Obama administration risen from the electoral ashes.
Oh. And Obama also walked away with the GOP’s lunch money (the tax cut issue).
Remember the Senate Democrats’ threat to abolish the filibuster with 51 votes? Notwithstanding the parliamentary corruption that went into the passage of ObamaCare, the Republican negotiators, led by Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, went to the negotiating table with no demands of their own. As a result, Republican procedural rights were curtailed even further, and Harry Reid went unpunished for his Madoff-like procedural tactics used to pass ObamaCare.
So will it be with the debt limit.
Currently, Democrats are “absolutely, positively” unwilling to accept a deal that will not raise taxes by $400 billion.
If Democrats can get feckless Republicans to agree to big hidden tax increases, like a recomputation of the Consumer Price Index, a bunch of user fees, or an end to the ethanol tax credit, it will be so much the better for them.
But what if Obama gets nothing more than a bill with short-term defense cuts and a bunch of illusory domestic spending cuts that don’t kick in until 2018?  In exchange for raising the debt limit past the 2012 election by $2 trillion in order to fund bloated already-enacted Obama spending?
Will that be a GOP victory?
Boehner, egged on by the New York Times, will do another victory lap. But a $2 trillion debt limit increase, in exchange for virtually no actual spending cuts, will not be a victory.
Yeah. I know, I know. There’s another narrative which is being pushed by some: that Obama, faced with an intractable economy, wants the Republicans to kill the debt limit so that he can blame them for his problems.
Under this scenario, the only winning strategy for Republicans is to give in to all Democratic demands -– and raise the debt limit at all costs.
But if they did that, the GOP would face a rebellion from its base. And the notion that Obama wants the economy to tank because he thinks it would be possible to shift blame strains credulity.
So here’s a better idea:
First, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey needs to get repeated votes on his bill to require that interest on the debt be paid, even if the debt limit is not raised. This can be done because the cost of debt service is only roughly 6% of the federal budget, whereas 60-70% of the budget would continue to come in, even if the federal government can’t borrow a penny.
The Toomey proposal was rejected by Democrats, partly on the theory that it was unnecessary. But the likes of Ben Bernanke continue to demand the debt limit increase on the grounds that default is unthinkable. So Toomey needs to continue to pound his point into their little heads.
Second, Boehner should mimic some of Obama’s tactics.
Start out with a non-negotiable demand that none of the $2 trillion debt limit increase can be used to fund ObamaCare, which is certainly part of the upward pressure on health costs responsible for the additional borrowing demands.
Let the debt limit battle be over the wildly unpopular ObamaCare law.
Over and over again, election “experts” tell us that the 2012 elections will be fought over ObamaCare.
But you know what? If Republicans ignore the issue until October 15, 2012, they’re not going to have a whole lot of credibility.
Republicans promised they would work relentlessly to repeal the bill or parts of it. After an initial vote -– which GOP lawmakers publicly conceded was only a can’t-pass sop to their voters -– they dropped it.
And what about the non-stop hearings that were going to be held on ObamaCare? What happened to them?
In the meantime, Democrats continue to tweak ObamaCare, through legislation and regulation. The nominations bill, S. 679, currently pending in the Senate, has a big hidden amendment to ObamaCare in it.
It’s time for Republicans to demonstrate they care as passionately about repealing ObamaCare as Obama feels about preserving it.
About once a year, I learn something interesting from the Bush retreads on Fox News.
This year, it was from Democratic strategist Bob Beckel, who, within the last few weeks, predicted that the bad economy would not deny Obama a second term because the Democrats would simply engage in a campaign of character assassination against the Republican nominee.
This is how Democrats maintained the Senate, after their efforts to campaign on ObamaCare failed miserably.
Republicans, led by Bush strategist Karl Rove, seem to be counting on this syllogism to knock off Barack: No president since Roosevelt has won reelection with an unemployment rate over 7.2%. Economists predict the unemployment rate in November, 2012, will be 7.8 to 8.2%. Ergo, absent some major factor, Obama will not be reelected.
To paraphrase JFK’s famous bromide on taxes: In an economic catastrophe, the rising flood will raise all Republican boats.
The problem with this theory is it rationalizes a scenario in which the congressional Republican leadership continues to screw up -– and suggests they can do so without throwing away the 2012 election.
There is a slight chance that this may not be wrong. But it is a VERY dangerous way of thinking.
For those who have watched what Obama and a sycophantic media can do to, for example, Sarah Palin, an electoral strategy that consists of hoping that America will go down the tubes is inadequate.
Republicans need to prepare the American people for Obama’s campaign of sleaze by running ads telling them what he’s planning to do. Then, when it actually happens, they can run ads saying “Aha! Told you so!”
Aside from that, the American people are prepared to believe that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are slimebags.
Vaguely, they remember the economic fraud -– the lies –- the bribes — the Ponzi schemes -– the secret meetings -– the deception -– the moral flip-flops — that went into passing ObamaCare. They just need to be reminded.
We are now finding out that promises that everyone knew weren’t true were, in fact, not true.
The McKinsey study now predicts that 78,000,000 Americans will lose the insurance they currently have. Compared to Obama’s repeated projection (“zero”), 78,000,000 is greater by a factor of infinity.
We also know that, contrary to Congressional Budget Office projections, premiums are not staying the same under ObamaCare. They rose, in many cases, close to double digits in the first year.
And, as to allegations concerning GOP friendship with the evil insurance companies, Republicans weren’t the ones who gave Big Insurance the biggest bribe in human history — the individual mandate -– in order to silence any potential “Harry-and-Louise ads.” That would be Barack Obama.
The average insurance policy -– even before Barack Obama’s gold-plated bells-and-whistles policies have kicked in -– runs nearly $5,000 for a single person and $13,770 for a family of four.
Do kids earning $50,000 a year -– living from paycheck to paycheck -– saddled with huge burdens on debt -– understand they will be hit by this freight train unless Obama is defeated?
No. They don’t. But the GOP has an obligation to tell them.
And all it will take is for Republicans to refuse to be the unresponsive victims of character assassination by people whose bribes, fraud, and lies should have put them in prison.
Is that too much to ask?
by Michael E. Hammond, former General Counsel Senate Steering Committee 1978-89

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Government Report Completely Ignored by Congress

A Government Report Completely Ignored by Congress

I want you to listen very carefully now as I read to you from an official government report. Can you imagine this kind of an official government report coming out and having it absolutely ignored by the Congress, the American people, the President and practically everybody else? Now listen to this:

1. The Soviet international organization has carried on a successful and important penetration of the United States Government and this penetration has not been fully exposed.

2. This penetration has extended from the lower ranks to top-level policy and operating positions in our Government. (This means the White House, the State Department, and the Department of Justice, etc.)

3. The agents of this penetration have operated in accordance with a distinct design fashioned by their Soviet superiors.

4. Members of this conspiracy helped to get each other into Government, helped each other to rise in Government and protected each other from exposure.

5. The general pattern of this penetration was first into agencies concerned with economic recovery, then to war-making agencies, then to agencies concerned with foreign policy and postwar planning, but always moving to the focal point of national concern.

6. In general, the Communists who infiltrated our Government worked behind the scenes -- guiding research and preparing memoranda on which basic American policies were set, writing speeches for Cabinet officers, influencing congressional investigations, drafting laws, manipulating administrative reorganizations -- always serving the interest of their Soviet superiors.

7. Thousands of diplomatic, political, military, scientific, and economic secrets of the United States have been stolen by Soviet agents in our Government and by other persons closely connected with the Communists.

8. Despite the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other security agencies had reported extensive information about this Communist penetration, little was done by the executive branch to interrupt the Soviet operatives in their ascent in Government until congressional committees brought forth to public light the facts of the conspiracy.

9. Powerful groups and individuals within the executive branch were at work obstructing and weakening the effort to eliminate Soviet agents from positions in Government.

10. Members of this conspiracy repeatedly swore to oaths denying Communist Party membership when seeking appointments, transfers, and promotions and these falsifications have, in virtually every case, gone unpunished.

11. The control that the American Communications Association, a Communist-directed union, maintains over communication lines vital to the national defense poses a threat to the security of this country.

12. Policies and programs laid down by members of this Soviet conspiracy are still in effect within our Government and constitute a continuing hazard to our national security.

How many of you have ever heard this before? That's the famous Jenner Report. (One person raised his hand.) That's the Jenner Report of 1953, completely ignored by the rest of the country. A few teachers taught this. Most of the students of that period were not only not informed that this was going on but were assured that the men in power were very anxious for our welfare and were leading us very gently and carefully toward world peace. Actually they were leading us very gently and carefully toward a complete amalgamation with the Soviet economy and political structure. A few students here and there got the message. But not very many. Question: where is that found?

This is the Jenner Report. I put it in The Naked Capitalist so that it would be readily available to you. It is now out of print but you can get copies of it from the Congressional Record. It was put in the Congressional Record. But I put it in The Naked Capitalist so you would have it available.

W. Cleon Skousen. Know the Truth to Stay Free. This speech was delivered at Brigham Young University during the 1971 Spring term to 180 students in Education 310, Section 5.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Right To Defend Yourself Is A Higher Law

Hi Floyd, it seems many distributors are not clear
about the legality of pepper spray in Wisconsin.

Pepper Shot 10% spray is legal.  Wildfire 18% is not.

You can't have more than 10% concentration and the size
can't be bigger than 2 oz.  So, 1/2 oz and 2 oz sprays are
legal in Wisconsin.

There was a recent story about a Wisconsin woman who
was attacked, used pepper spray on her assailant but
delayed reporting it because she was afraid she would
get in trouble because she used pepper spray.

This really gets me going when I hear something like
this.  Even if it was illegal., she has the right to protect
herself.  These damn politicians living in their protected
worlds make these judgements for everyone else.  They
are wrong, not the person defending themselves.

They may have the legal rights to make these laws but they
don't have the moral right to tell someone that they can't
protect themselves with anything and everything available
to them.

We need to start living by our own moral code and stop
being intimidated by the State, especially when it comes
to defending ourselves and the peole we love.

More and more laws are made, not to protect people, but
to control them and make them dependent on government.
They want you dependent on them for your well being.  But,
we know they can't defend us.  We must be willing to
defend ourselves.

It's just plain wrong that this woman had to even consider
if she was doing something "wrong" or not before she
defended herself.

Michael Gravette

7 life lessons from the very wealthy

Money won’t buy happiness, but it will pay the salaries 
of a large research staff to study the problem. 

Bill Vaughan
More On This Topic
Please excuse the very wealthy for feeling a bit under siege lately.
Taxes for the top 2 percent are very likely to go higher. Uncle Sam’s share of capital gains and dividend income might rise, and means-testing for Social Security and Medicare is probable. In the United States, the very rich hold most of that wealth in dollars, which are worth increasingly less. As income inequality has grown dramatically in the nation, the very wealthy are blamed for all manner of social ills.
Rather than pile on the wealthy, this week I’d like to approach the subject of money a little more philosophically. There are surprising insights to be gleaned from the experiences of the very wealthy regarding their investments and experience with wealth.
Some context: In my day job, I come into contact with very high-net-worth individuals. These include young technologists with modest portfolios to families that measure their wealth in nine and 10 figures. For the math-averse, that’s hundreds of millions to billions of dollars.
Over the years, I have had some fascinating conversations with people who have hospitals and graduate schools named after them. I’d like to share some of the things I have learned from these folks.
1. Having money is better than not having money.
Sure, this may be obvious, but let’s get it out of the way upfront. Money may not buy you happiness, but it buys many other important things. Like financial security, excellent health care, education, travel and a comfortable retirement. In a word: freedom.
2. Don’t become “cash rich” and “time poor.”
Devoting all of your waking hours to making money is a problem, especially in professions with a partnership fast track. Lawyers, doctors, bankers and accountants can get so caught up in the competitive nature of their jobs that they lose touch with their family. Any semblance of a normal personal life disappears, and a very unhealthy balance between work and home can develop.
Work is the process of exchanging your time for money. Remember: What you do with your time is far more meaningful than the goods you accumulate with your money. If you are working so much to become rich but you ignore your spouse and miss seeing your kids grow up, you are actually poorer than you realize.
3. Memories are better than material objects.
You may be surprised to learn that among the monied set, expensive cars, yachts, houses, jewelry and watches come at the end of the list.
Their priorities? Memories and accomplishments. This was especially true when it came to family. Toys matter less than good times.
The rule of diminishing returns is a harsh mistress with luxury goods. Do you really think $100,000 audio speakers sound 20 times better than a pair of $5,000 speakers? (They don’t). Is a $250,000 sports car five times faster than a $50,000? (It is not). These days, you can buy quite a lovely home for $1,000,000 (and much less in the country’s interior). Those $10,000,000 manses are not 10 times roomier. Anyone who has owned a $10,000 Rolex will tell you that a $39 Casio keeps better time.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Utah Government Devil Worshipers finally see light and let citizens grow garden

Salt Lake couple follows their dream, cultivates urban farm
June 24th, 2011 @ 8:45pm
By Kelly Just
SALT LAKE CITY — Claudia and Nick Norton love to grow their own food.
“We’re both just really committed to sustainability and organic food,” Claudia Norton said. “It tastes better, it’s better for you.”
"I’ve kind of gotten into this localvore kind of thing where everything is done locally," Nick Norton said.
In May 2010 they bought a parcel of land right next to their house in the Liberty Wells neighborhood to start an urban garden. But the project, near 1400 South and 400 East, had to be put on hold until Salt Lake City ordinances caught up with the couple's dream.
"We love the whole idea of sustainability and have really been thankful to take advantage of these new ordinances that encourage this kind of activity." -Claudia Norton

In the meantime, they could only have a small vegetable garden in the backyard. They grew a lot of vegetables, including eggplant, beets, lettuce, carrots and onions.
On May 3, Salt Lake City passed an urban agricultural ordinance giving the Nortons the go ahead to expand to their garden to fill an entire city lot. The couple wasted no time transforming the property, starting with the demolition of the abandoned house.
“You have to have some vision. This is a work in progress, emphasis on work,” she said.
They tried to reuse everything they could from the old house. A front door, windows, moldings and maple flooring were used to restore a shed where they will extract honey from their beehives and store all of the hive equipment.
So what do the neighbors think of the garden?
“They are so supportive and just great,” she said. “They come over and they’ll help pick.”
The Nortons say people stop by all the time wanting to know if it's a community garden.
"It's a private project, as far as us laying it out and seeing what we can do with it," she explained. It's a community garden, she added, in the sense that they hope to share everything in the future.
Claudia Norton works on planting her herb garden in the Liberty Wells neighborhood of Salt Lake City.
Just on Friday, the owner of local Thai restaurant visited to see what the Nortons have planted and talked about a possible food trade.
If this year's crop is anything like last year's tomato yield, the Nortons will have plenty to go around. They canned over 300 jars of food!
The new city rules allow them to sell their fruits and veggies. For now, the Nortons are focused on cultivating their dream.
"We both love gardening,” she said. “We love the whole idea of sustainability and have really been thankful to take advantage of these new ordinances that encourage this kind of activity.”
The couple, who are musicians and play with the Utah Symphony, say the urban garden is more like a retirement hobby.
The Nortons' urban farm is the first one up and running since the May zoning change, but according to city planning manager Joel Paterson, there are similar projects already in the works.

Nurse: "I wanted to protect my patients"

With free legal assistance from the National Right to Work Foundation, three Minneapolis nurses have filed federal unfair labor practice charges against nurse union officials for illegally threatening them with disciplinary action for refusing to participate in a recent strike.

Recently, a local TV news crew interviewed two of the nurses about the atmosphere of hostility and distrust created at the children's hospital as a result of the union boss-ordered strike.

One nurse tells KARE-11 that she exercised her right to resign from the union and go back to work because "I wanted to protect my patients."

Union officials claim some nurses received the threatening letters due to a "clerical error" but refused to be interviewed on camera.

Over the years, Foundation attorneys have won settlements for workers illegally threatened by union bosses with fines up to $40,000 simply for returning to work to provide for their families.

Click here or on the image above to watch the full interview.

The Foundation relies on the voluntary support of individual Americans who believe in our cause and wish to advance our strategic litigation program. To make a fully tax-deductible donation in whatever amount, please click here.

The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is a nonprofit, charitable organization providing free legal aid to employees whose human or civil rights have been violated by compulsory unionism abuses. The Foundation, which can be contacted toll-free at 1-800-336-3600, is assisting thousands of employees in nearly 200 cases nationwide. Its web address is www.nrtw.org/.

To help the National Right to Work Foundation grow; please
forward this to a friend.

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We need MORE Discrimination

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could choose a discriminating airline that refused to transport Muslims?  There would never be a hijacking.  Insurance costs would be so low that a ticket normally costing a hundred dollars would be about $8.00.

Imagine a store that refused to allow illegal aliens to shop?  There would be no crime, graffiti,  and no need for printing anything in Spanish.  Costs would drop more than half.

Imagine a manufacturing company that hired NO minorities unless they trained far below minimum wage first.  There would be no defective products and therefore no returns, prices would drop dramatically.

Imagine if anyone caught speaking Spanish was arrested and deported immediately without a trial or hearing?  No signs, posters, or phone buttons would be in Spanish.  

What if all illegal aliens were shot as soon as one of their hands or feet made contact with U.S.air space or land?  There would be no unemployment.  There would be no shoddy products.  Restaurant food would no longer contain snot and boogers from filthy employees.  There would be no crime and we would no longer need 90% of our policemen.

Discrimination is a wonderful thing.  If people that did not discriminate were killed, we would have no democrats and therefore no problems.


Temple Tax

(Taxes, tithes, tributes, extortion, slavery, oh my!)

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, June 23rd, 2011

Matthew 17:24-27 (New International Version)

The Temple Tax
 24  After Jesus and his disciples arrived in Capernaum, the collectors of the two-drachma (half shekel) tax came to Peter and asked, "Doesn't your teacher pay the temple tax?"
 25  "Yes, he does," he replied.
      When Peter came into the house, Jesus was the first to speak. "What do you think, Simon?" he asked. "From whom do the kings of the earth collect duty and taxes -— from their own sons or from others?"
 26  "From others," Peter answered.
     "Then the sons are exempt," Jesus said to him.
 27  "But so that we may not offend them, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours."

I have a few observations.
1.  Jesus disputed this tax.  He said, "The sons are exempt."  As sons of God through the King of Kings, we are exempt, too.  John 1:12 says: "But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name."  Christians are the "sons of God" according to all of the following passages: Galatians 3:26, Romans 8:14, Philippians 2:15, Hebrews 12:7, 1 John 3:1-2.
2.  This was not a secular, Rome-imposed income tax.  This was a Temple tax, a religious tax, for atonement and for a memorial, and Jesus disputed even this tax.
Exodus 30:15 The rich are not to give more than a half shekel and the poor are not to give less when you make the offering to the LORD to atone for your lives.
16 And thou shalt take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shalt appoint it for the service of the tabernacle of the congregation; that it may be a memorial unto the children of Israel before the LORD, to make an atonement for your souls.

See also: Exodus 38:26
3.  This was a flat tax, not a graduated income tax.  The rich and poor paid the same amount.  This is like the head tax, or capitation tax, in the US Constitution; it's supposed to be the same for everyone, too. 

4.  It was a tiny per person tax, a small silver coin, a half shekel, that weighs about 6 grams, or about 20% of a troy ounce, and as of June, 2011, with silver at $35/oz., that would be about $7 per coin, per adult male, per year.

(Aside:  30 Shekels, the amount Judas was paid to betray Jesus, would have been about 6 troy ounces of silver.)
Thus, anyone who uses this passage to justify graduated income taxes is lying, or deceived.
5.  Jesus did not pay the tax for any of the other disciples, only Peter and Jesus, nor did Jesus command, nor help, his other disciples to pay this tax.
6.  Why would they have been offended if Jesus and Peter did not pay?  Why did Jesus actually pay the tax, if Jesus disputed it?  Was it because Peter said that Jesus does pay this tax?  If Jesus didn't pay the tax, wouldn't Jesus have made Peter, his own representative, a liar?  And we know that God cannot lie.  Was Jesus covering for the error and indebtedness of Peter, becoming surety for his friend?  Didn't Peter sometimes make mistakes and need correction, such as in Galatians by Paul?  In other words, Jesus saved Peter from Peter's verbal obligation, by providing the coin in the fish that required Peter to go fishing to get the coin in the mouth of the fish.
7.  Other people say that the Bible is clear, and that this passage proves you need to pay income taxes.  But I think they must be missing a basic principle of Bible interpretation.  Specifically, Jesus spoke in parables, and did so to hide understanding:
Mat 13:10 And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?
Mat 13:11 He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.

Mat 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.
It would be the epitome of assumption, the arrogance of ignorance, or the sliminess of willful deception, to even suggest that since Jesus disputed paying taxes to God's real temple, that Jesus somehow demanded the paying income taxes, which would be 1000's of times more, to the Emperor of Rome, who declared himself to be God, and thus anti-Christ, and the enemy of God. 
In conclusion, if you disagree with me, then please stock up on silver, so that you will be able to pay your silver taxes to the Temple in Israel.  8-)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why Silver is Money

Silver Stock Report

by Jason Hommel, February 25th, 2009

Welcome. Thank you!

I'm very honored to be here. My name is Jason Hommel. I'm the Editor of the Silver Stock Report. This last year, I started dealing in silver, selling silver, at www.seekbullion.com and I learned a lot more about the silver trade.

My speech today is on why silver is money, even though no nation on earth uses silver as money.

In other words, my speech is on why 99.9% of humanity is wrong, and why you are right!

The words that mean "money", and the words that mean "silver" are the same in most Romance languages. Silver is the only real money that there is. Gold, historically, is just too valuable to use as money if an ounce of gold is worth a year's salary, or a modest home. Even at today's prices, as you know, they don't make $1000 bills!

Throughout history, Silver has been used as money in more times in more places than gold.

Silver is just not used as money today, except as a store of value.

Silver does not circulate, but that does not mean it's not money.

Most people don't want to know about silver, or even dollars.

Most people don't even want to know about the silver price, which is the ratio between silver and dollars.

Instead, people just want to GROW THEIR OWN MONEY.

I've been a success in numerous things, and a failure too. One thing I've learned is that if you want to be a success, you have to study hard, and know your subject, and then, you are much more likely to be a success.

That's three topics of study then:

The first topic is GROWTH which includes compound interest and exponential growth, or following the first commandment, "to be fruitful and multiply".

The second topic is "YOUR OWN". People don't seem to know that possession is 9/10ths of the law. If you want to grow YOUR money, be sure it belongs to you. That means no futures, no certificates, no options, no ETF's, no third party storage programs. You have to actually own the real stuff. You have to hold it in your hot sweaty hands, lift it yourself, or hire your sons or some relative to lift and lock it up in your own safe for you.

Finally, the third topic, the topic of this talk, which is: Money!

So, if you want to MAKE MONEY, you'd better first understand the subject, and know what money actually is!

I've asked many experts; and they are nearly unanimous on one thing. They tell me, "Don't try to predict the dollar price of silver; because you will look like an idiot, you will most likely be wrong. And it will damage your credibility. And if silver is going past $1000/oz., why bother to say it before it happens. Just grow wealthy, and be happy."

But I don't listen to bad advice. See, I'd rather help people. Second, if I don't have any credibility, or if I don't care if I have any credibility, or if I think no man should ever have any credibility, then I have nothing to lose!

So, here it is--the opinion I have that everyone wants to know, and what some experts are uncomfortable in saying:

I think silver will head beyond $10,000/oz., in less than 15 years. And I'll tell you why.

Basically, that's the price if all paper money were to be backed by silver and gold again. That's the price if the dollar were falling to zero, if they stopped printing all money tomorrow, and managed to back up every dollar with all the U.S. gold, and if the silver/gold ratio returned to about 10:1.

We could get to that price in about 15 years, if silver merely rises about 50% per year for 15 years in a row. That's perfectly possible. It would merely be a mix of a growth rate in silver's value, going up only about 20 times in value, and the rest of the gains would be due to a decline in the dollar's value, happening at the same time.

There are many, many fundamental reasons why silver will go up in value. 10,000 reasons, since there are probably 10,000 industrial applications that use silver.

But it's my job to focus, and help you focus, on the big reasons, or biggest reasons.

Some of the big reasons are the story put out by GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. They have shown that the central banks of the world have loaned or leased about 15,000 tonnes of gold, out of about 33,000 tonnes. Gold is counted as "on the books", but it is no longer in the vault. It's an unsustainable manipulation or deception, and when it ends, gold will skyrocket.

Ted Butler has also written great things about the excessive short position in the futures markets. When that manipulation or deception ends, silver will skyrocket.

And I mostly agree.

But I want to talk about the biggest fraud of all, the biggest deception out there.

The biggest deception is so big, it has warped the thinking of most everyone in this room, including myself.

It's very difficult to explain a deception. By definition, if you are deceived, you don't know you are deceived. That's the nature of a deception.

The other problem about deceptions is that lies can be exposed rather quickly.
Frauds fail rather suddenly and unexpectedly.

The biggest deception, the biggest fraud -- is paper money.


I've struggled to define money; it took me several years!

Some say what you spend is money, or that you buy things with money. Or that currency is money. Others say the dollar is defined as a certain amount of silver in the constitution, and that's it; nothing more.

The definition of words changes over time. But essential concepts and truths do not.

Remember, the words for silver and money are the same in many languages.

Please give me your attention while I talk about the Desirable features of money, my definition that I've been working on.

To function as money, a monetary item should possess a number of features:

To be a medium of exchange:

* It should have liquidity, and be easily tradeable, with a low spread between the prices to buy and sell, in other words, a low transaction cost.
* It should be easily transportable; precious metals have a high value to weight ratio. This is why oil, coal, or water are not suitable as money even though they are valuable.
* It should be durable. Gold or silver coins are often mixed with 10% copper to improve durability, and coins are made with ridges around the rim to prevent coin shaving or debasement.

To be a unit of account:

* It should be divisible into small units without destroying its value; precious metals can be coined from bars, or melted down into bars again, with a low percentage cost. This is why leather, or live animals are not suitable as money.
* It should be fungible: that is, one unit or piece must be equivalent to another, which is why diamonds, works of art or real estate are not suitable as money.
* It must be a specific weight, or measure, or size to be verifiably countable. You must be able to weigh, measure, and count, your unit of account!

To be a store of value:

* It should be long lasting, durable, it must not be perishable or subject to decay. This is why food items, expensive spices, or even fine silks or oriental rugs, are not generally suitable as money.
* It should have a stable value.
* It should be difficult to counterfeit, and the genuine must be easily recognizable.



That means no ETFs, no futures contracts, no silver certificates, no bullion accounts, no storage programs, none of that nonsense!

To be anonymous:

* Money should not be subject to government tracking
* It should be useable for purchases in a black market
* It should not require equipment, tools or electricity to use
* It should not require a mark, or image, to be valuable, but rather, be a just weight, and measure.

So, if you want to "MAKE MONEY", YOU SHOULD TRY TO ACQUIRE THINGS THAT HAVE THE ABOVE CHARACTERISTICS! I think silver is best, especially because silver is cheap, and will be a great store of value.

When I compare things, I compare fundamentals.

There are two ways to approach the fundamentals: first, the supply and demand: and second, the nature of the thing.

So, for two items, silver and dollars, that's 4 areas of study.

supply and demand of silver, and of dollars, and
the nature of silver, and the nature of dollars.

1. Lets look at the nature of silver. Like gold, silver has all the properties of money, that we just examined and defined, above.

SILVER, SINCE 2003, HAS BEEN A GREAT STORE OF VALUE; actually increasing in value at a much faster rate than the stock market or bonds.

2. What is the nature of dollars?

Dollars are falling and failing as a store of value. A few years ago, many commodity prices went up 1000%, ten fold!

Are dollars liquid? Yes, you can make change for zero cost, and exchange a $10 for two $5 bills. But there are banking hold times as long as 3 weeks on checks. And you cannot convert dollars to silver very easily; especially if no silver is available at your local coin shop.

There is about a 7% spread for silver between the cost to buy and sell it. But is the 7% a spread on silver, or is it really a spread on dollars? There is a VAT of 17% on silver in most of Europe. Is that a tax on silver, or is it a disincentive or penalty on selling the Euro?

Durable? Cash can go up in flames, or go to zero value.

Stable value? No; the ratio of silver in dollars is changing.

Dollars are not rare; not difficult to obtain; & are going down in value.

Dollars are easy to counterfeit; and $100 bills are not always accepted overseas. Even Star buck's will not take a $100 bill.

Dollars are traceable. There are numbers all over the place; both on the money, and on your account.

In essence: dollars are fraud. They were a promise to pay in silver. The promise was broken. They are not a just weight and measure.

Dollars are a unit of account, with no accounting!

Dollars are not essentially money. At best, they are the current medium of exchange--that's only 1 out of 4 major things that money needs to be, and they don't even do that job well, due to banking hold times, and income taxes!

A promise is not the same thing as having received what was promised!

If people could be happy with mere promises, I'd never have to spend a dime on my kids! Even kids know the difference!

I feel stupid for having to point it out, but paper dollars are not money.

People will actually argue with me over this. But paper is not money.

It's not even the ghost of money. It's not even a promise to pay in money, like it used to be.

Clearly, a promise to pay money, and the actual money, cannot be the same thing!

And when one is no longer even a promise to pay money, that's even further removed from being money!

We may call dollars money; we may think of dollars as money; but we are using the word "money" wrong; or we just do not understand what the word "money" means; as I've explained.

For many people in the world, the word "money" means the same thing as silver.

3. So, let examine the supply and demand of silver.

There is Zero demand for silver as a medium of exchange-- it is not really used as a currency anywhere in the world.

There is almost Zero demand for silver as a unit of account--it is not used for debt in most of the world. (Except by a few traders in the futures markets.)

There is now a small, but rapidly growing demand for silver as a store of value. Last year, it was 40 million ounces. This year, investment demand is perhaps up to 100 million oz/year?

I'm using silver as MY store of value, and as MY unit of account. If I acquire more silver, I consider myself to be successful.

Most of the demand for silver today is for industry, jewelry, & photography.
More than is produced each year.

That does not leave much room for investment, or monetary demand.

The Silver ETF has acquired 253 million oz. That was surprising. I don't think they have any silver backing it up.

JP Morgan is the custodian! JP Morgan was fingered as the last remaining silver short at COMEX! That's the biggest conflict of interest that there could be!

The amount of actual silver available for investment has been variously estimated as between 60 million to 600 million oz. Or as much as 4 billion oz. if you include all silver jewelry and flatware and tableware.

4. Finally. Lets look at the supply and demand of dollars.

$50 trillion world bond market.
$50 trillion world paper money supply.
That's $100 trillion of paper money.
The world derivatives market is worth close to 1 quadrillion, or 1000 trillion.

$1000 trillion is about a million times larger than 1000 million ounces of silver.

It is impossible to exchange all the promises for payment.

But the world tends to try to cash out all at once.

People have asked me, do I think silver is a "once in a lifetime" opportunity?

No, I think it's a "once in human history" opportunity, with no prior historic examples. Never before have conditions like today ever existed.

1. We have consumed nearly all the silver in the world.
2. We continue to consume more than we mine.
3. The entire world has totally abandoned silver as money.

But whether you know it, or can accept it, silver is money. And nothing else is.

When gold becomes too expensive, and when paper money fails, silver is the only thing left to use as money.

One of the best books ever written on trading, and highly regarded by many traders today, is "Reminiscences of a Stock Market Operator" by Jessie Livermore. In the book, he talks about how the markets totally stopped trading for up to nine months at a time during war in the early 1900's. I know several millionaires out there, in this audience, who think they will be protected in a monetary collapse, because they have brokerage accounts and silver stocks. But nothing can replace real silver that you may need to spend on food during a time period of a market crisis. Everyone here should have at least $5000 worth of silver.

Two years ago, I advised people to clean out the local coin shops. Last year, that happened. So, that's why I started dealing in silver, to help provide it, when you can't get any, because so many dealers are sold out!

Before I conclude, I want to mention the big thing I learned about the silver market in the last year. I always thought that monetary demand for silver would cause the price to rise. That's what happened with rising premiums in the silver investor market for bars and coins. But premiums rose, and silver prices did not.

That's because silver investment demand is still so small, about 10% of the market.

Also, I did not realize that the silver dealers and mints were in such bad shape from the 27-year bear market in the metals. Nearly half of them ARE bankrupt. Not maybe, ARE. If you buy from a dealer, chances are now about 50/50 that you will be scammed with a very delayed delivery, which means they are floating on your money because they ARE bankrupt.

In fact, all the most heavy bullion dealers who are the biggest advertisers ARE probably bankrupt.

And if you just try to "buy silver" and don't know to avoid the ETF's and all the other paper silver scams, you are likely to be scammed about 80-90% of the time. It's rough. That's what makes and marks a market bottom.

I barely got my silver out of one very reputable mint that said it would be 3 weeks, which turned into 8 weeks, and I still only got 1/3 of my silver minted after 8 weeks. And that's typical now. If the mints are scamming me, they sure are scamming the other dealers, and other customers.

And that's why I ship "same day" so that if I do get scammed with a default, you won't be.

Go to the bank, get your cash, and get your silver. And get a safe, and bolt it to your garage floor, or put it in your closet.

Again, if you want to grow wealthy, you must know about growth, you must make sure you are growing your own wealth, and you better be sure you know what money is.

So get your silver!