Friday, September 5, 2014

New LDS Forum to come online

With the eternal war between good and evil about to reach it's prophesied climax, there are many LDS discussion forums on the Internet.  There are every kind of apostate anti-mormon forums imaginable.  Some throw a splash of freedom and politics, while others use the spice of Ordaining Women to the Priesthood or members excommunicated for supposedly simply asking the wrong question. 

It's pretty hard to find an LDS Forum that is actually PRO LDS.  One that isn't sponsored by the Church, that is.  Some pretend to be pro LDS until you read some of their threads and find that their definition of LDS may differ considerably from yours. 

Some forums have even become famous for banning members that support the Brethren or Follow the Prophet.  In all the world, it is likely that the entire number of true LDS forums that are not run by the church can be counted on one hand. 

One new forum to come online within the last 20 days is and is comprised mostly of members that were banned from a site that pretends to be LDS, but is actually very much not.

Another site that is yet to go live is

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