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How corrupt is the FBI?


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Understanding how taxpayer funded FBI agents control the FBI Brand while controlling the corporate owned/run media.

Because of the groundbreaking work of Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue and Forensic Investigator Angela Clemente we now know 
a little more about the secret FBI Sensitive Informant/Top Echelon Informant programs. Yes that is plural.
see ... -the-news/

Also see

Taxpayer funded FBI agents have placed informants in low level to upper level management positions in radio,television and print media.
In place for over 60 years these informants provide the eyes and ears for the FBI Rapid Response Team set up to neutralize any negative press about the death squad activities of FBI agents.

This team has been successful in keeping the evidence out of the media of the FBI 's assassination of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
More recently the FBI has managed to cover up it's role in creating the 1993 1st World Trade Center bombing; Oklahoma City bombing; 911; Boston Marathon bombing; Omargh bombing in Ireland and the Mumbai Terrorist Attack in India .FBI agents also took the lead role in the coverup of the Lockerbie Plane bombing and the explosion of TWA Flight 800 over Long Island.

Some examples of the FBI control of media had the History Channel stop showing and selling it's documentary about the the FBI role in assassinating President Kennedy called THE GUILTY MEN see ... ed_Kennedy

FBI agents created a media blackout of the 1999 trial in Memphis where a jury declared FBI agents had assassinated Martin Luther King see ... posed.html

The FBI has used your tax dime to hire broadcast journalists to maintain the FBI Brand 24/7.

Here is an example.

Dallas FBI Supervisor Lori Bailey was pulled over DUI driving the wrong way on the freeway.Nothing happened to her and the charges
were dropped. see ... guilty-to/

Prior to this event she had entrapped environmentalists in a group called Earth First to bomb power lines in the Arizona Desert
in FBI Operation Thermicon. ... 788970.php

In today's news FBI supervisor Lori Bailey is featured by the FBI Press Managers.........

see link for full story ... ng-flames/

02 APR 2014 

Tami Kayea is a battalion chief with the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department.

Kayea was one of five women who spoke at Eastfield’s “Women of Courage” event on March 18, which was part of the college’s celebration of Women’s History Month.

The event also featured Eastfield student and U.S. Army Sgt. Krystal Lacey-Fuller, retired FBI agent Lori E. Bailey and two police officers from the TLC reality series, “Police Women of Dallas,” Police Sgt. Tracy Jones and police officer Yvette Gonzalez.

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