Sunday, November 20, 2011

God Bless Grover Norquist

There are two types of Americans; those that agree with Grover Norquist and those whose lives have surpassed usefulness.  Those who disagree with Norquist should commit suicide as soon as possible.

While the Satanic Democrats blame Republicans for refusing to spend more money than they have, it is really because Republicans have stuck to their principles, standards, and ethics, at least as far as the Norquist Agreement, whereas Democrats having sold their soul to Satan in order to get their positions of prominence hate it when good wins over evil solely because of it's merits.

The days when it is possible for a Democrat to be a good person have passed.  Anyone saying otherwise is simply a liar.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wars and rumors of wars

Every war since Adam and Eve have been religious.
Even before Adam and Eve, before the world was, there was a war between good and evil.  Or more specifically, between freedom and bondage.  Jesus was on the side of freedom and Satan was on the side of bondage.

Jesus promoted free agency or letting mankind choose of themselves whether they should do good or evil.  Satan wanted all mankind to be saved and would force it to happen.

As we all know, God chose the plan promoted by Jesus.  This is fair.  It allows bad things to happen to good people.

The war still rages on today, only we don't call it between good and evil.  The philosophies are the same, but we now call it conservative and liberal.  All democrats base their core belief on Satan's old premise that everyone should be equal.  All conservatives base their core beliefs on freedom of choice.

These are simple provable truths.  Everyone with a brain knows it, whether they admit it or not.  This is why Obama was able to become president, without a shred of experience.  He was Satan's man at the time.

Ann Coulter is quoted as saying "If democrats has a brain, they would be Republicans".  It does not take very much research to realize that all democrats are evil as are many republicans and libertarians.  The ideology between good and evil divide precisely along the conservative and liberal lines.  Like Satan, liberals have a way of making evil look good.

While many democrats would deny this truth, it simply is not possible for a good person to have the beliefs that makeup the core belief system of the liberals.  Investigate this for yourself and you will discover, if you did not already know that this is correct everytime 100% of the time.

The truth shall set you free.

Imagine what a wonderful and peaceful place this earth would be if every liberal were dead.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Who is the Head of the Conspiracy?

This article was written by Bella and is one of many posts at: You will find it very rewarding and enlightening to read the entire blog.
I believe the head that controls the one-world conspiracy is the spiritual side. They are the ones that commune with Lucifer and he directs them in all areas including the political conspiracy. If you look at it this way: Lucifer had a "spiritual" Plan he demanded in the pre-mortal world. That plan was spiritual and he would bring it about via Politics, education, economics etc. The real conspiracy is the Spiritual for it is the one that calls all the shots for the rest. The elite do not come up with these ideas themselves; they are told what to do by Lucifer. 

When you start connecting the dots, the Plan of Salvation and what the occultists call the “Divine Plan” of Lucifer’s you can really see we are battling the War in Heaven on earth today. It is far broader, dangerous and more powerful than we originally thought. The PTB are happy if we only focus on the political, but the Spiritual side is where you find the heart of the plans. 

We are in the same battle in heaven on Earth today. I have referred to the conspiracy having two sides, though I believe they are one and the head is the spiritual. The reason I say two sides has only been because the political side does not clearly show its spirituality, though they are occultists in secret. Now we are at a time when we see them no longer hiding the fact they are occultists; they are starting to admit it openly. Occultist are in all the strategic positions around the world; they were called to be there. 

The occult kept everything secret by oaths. Now they can teach much publicly that they could not before. It has been passed down since the beginning of time, since Cain. When you see the core of the new age (the occult) you find the core of the political movements we have been fighting. 

Once you have that full view of things then you can very clearly see what is really going on. It is a battle between the two plans. Since the war in Heaven was fought and so many were lost. Lucifer’s argument and points must have made sense to many then. Lucifer promised not one soul would be lost. Ponder how he accomplished such a feat as this. How could he guarantee not one soul would be lost? There would have to be no sin. In pondering that question ponder what gives us our free agency? The key is to know what Lucifer’s plan was in the pre-mortal world in order to recognize it on Earth. Once it was rejected, Lucifer had two choices: to submit his will to Father and have faith in Father and His plan or believe he was right and knew better then Father and to fight Him. He chose the latter. So what we see on earth today is Lucifer's Plan, which he believes is the right one for mankind. Now we again get to decide if we follow Father with Faith or disagree with Father and follow our own will, therefore following Lucifer’s example and following him and his Plan. At this time Lucifer’s plan is no longer being taught in secret for the world is wicked enough to have it taught in the open, at least major portions. 

Pride and Humility, Selfishness and Selflessness, "My will not Thine" vs. "Thy will not mine". These are the core of the battle we fight.

Lucifer is the example of Pride, selfishness and "My will not Thine" where Christ is the example of Humility, Selflessness and "Thy will not mine". This is why Pride in all of its forms must be purged from our souls and in its place established humility and complete submission to Fathers will. 

Lucifer’s pride was so great that even though his idea for a plan for mankind was rejected, he still fights for it to be put in place. He fights to be the “Christ” of this planet and wants to usurp and overthrow Father and get His honor. All of this is just a means by which Lucifer is trying to implement his whole plan. Whether he thinks he can win or not does not matter, his goals are the same: to win souls over to his plan and to stop souls from following Father. 

The new age teaches man’s will, and that we can reach Godhood via man's own doing, focusing on the “divine within” and then changing the world with that knowledge of our divinity. The new age teaches you are ‘Christ” there is no need for a Savior for there is no sin. Salvation comes from man. This is Total pride.

Heavenly Fathers plan is focused on Fathers will and allowing the agency of man to chose good from evil. (Choosing your will is evil while Father's will is good) Salvation comes from Christ’s atonement, repentance and setting aside our own ways (our will) to follow Christ's ways in all things. Salvation comes from Christ. This is Total humility.

When people start believing in the new age doctrines they are taught to stay active in their churches, for all paths lead to God. They feel they are just more enlightened then those around them. Some just abandon their Churches while others stay to help guide people on the “true” path. 

It is very revealing when you realized what a big player Oprah is in the Occult and connect her backing of Obama. I watched a show on CNN that did some kind of study about 2 years prior to the elections. They were talking about Oprah’s power. They said if she backed Hillary then Hillary would most likely win. They explained Oprah’s mass influence. So when she did not back Hillary as once thought and she chose Obama I knew he was most likely going to win. She did not just back him, she campaigned for him. This drew even more people to Obama. He was more in line with what Oprah believes then Hillary, which is scary because Hillary is into the new age stuff also. She has had some of the top new agers come to Camp David and train them while they were in the White House. Hillary was channeling Eleanor Roosevelt; an occultist taught her how to do it. They say it was just an exercise and not true channeling, but I really wonder. So Hillary was involved in the occult things yet they chose Obama.

All the top Occultists were calling for Obama to win. They had all their followers visualizing his win. They told everyone to manifest him into office. So why was he their guy? Neale Donald Walsh said if Obama gets elected that he will be the first domino toward the world that they want, which is a one world government ain which their spirituality will be the only one allowed. They knew things about him that we did not know. The amount of praise and total commitment to Obama from the Occult was terrifying. I have never seen such a thing as this before. They were calling for him to be President in unison. They have given support to liberal politicians before, but this was different. They said he would “change” things. Barbara Marx Hubbard after the election said the planet has gone through the Shift. This is a powerful statement when you understand what that means. They have been waiting with baited breath for the shift to take place. The Shift is when the tables tilt to their side. That there are enough people on the planet that believe the way they do to change the world. There is more to it, but that is the basic principle. 

Many politicians are occultists. Dennis Kusenich works hand in hand with the very top occultist. Neale Donald Walsh, Marianne Williamson and Barbara Marx Hubbard work together for political change. 

What most people do not know is the new agers are told to be political activists! They are told what to support and how to support it in order to bring about the desired change in the world. All of Obama’s campaign stuff was straight out of the occult. 

The media always put halos around his head in images…why? Because the media are also occultists. Some even wrote about him and used occult terms. The media is full of new age occultists. We sometimes just think they are the leftover hippies, some are but the Hippy movement was occult. What they got into then was the occult. But what they are doing now is more advanced and they have trained the younger generations in their ways. 

The new age ideas are very dangerous because they have two parts. They are the top that is controlling what is going on and they have created a huge international grass roots movement that is powerful and effects all elections and gives support to all the agendas of the new age. 

So we now have a great army of new age political activists all over the globe. They run counter to all our beliefs. What is very sad is the new age teachings have tricked some members of our own Church. The new age is not this sweet loving philosophy it appears to be on the serface; it is dangerous to the core. They do intend to eliminate all those that disagree with them. They even wrote that all nuclear missiles should be gathered by the UN and then the UN can use them against any country or nation or religious sect that will not fall in line with the New world order. So these same peace activists that want disarmament really want the control given to the UN. They imply it is to never use the power, but the occult says that is not its true agenda.

So as you can see, who is the more likely to be in control?