Monday, January 27, 2014

Can a democrat enter a Mormon Temple without lying?

The short answer is no.  Although many do as a result of deception or bribery. 

Is it possible for a democrat to be a Mormon?

I searched this exact question on Google and got many results, none of which were correct. Of course, none of the resulting web pages were written by God or Jesus. The majority of the responses were written by blind sheep following a drunk Mexican on a blind horse. Many of these imbeciles are probably leaders in the LDS Church and for some reason have not been excommunicated. The Church does not excommunicate people for being stupid. They don't even excommunicate communists, socialists, Lucifarians, liars, deceivers, mockers, and many other anti-Christ behaviors.

Like a retard trying to explain the complexities of the universe, one must first understand the meaning of the terms. The meaning of the word “democrat” has evolved over the years in a way similar to the way the meaning of the word “gay” has evolved. My parents may have been gay according to the meaning of the word 50 years ago, but certainly not a queer fag as the word implies today. Likewise, a child of the last 20 or 30 years may have parents that were democrats as defined in decades passed, but would be appalled to discover what is considered a democrat today.

Reading the current Democratic National Platform as adhered to by all liberals today, includes many beliefs that are considered clearly Satanic or evil by even the most fringe of Christians. For example, the right to life is considered by Christians worldwide to be the most fundamental of God given rights that man has not the authority to change. This makes no difference to democrats as they do not give God credit for anything. Democrats do believe in God, just as Lucifer does. In the battle between good and evil, Lucifer and democrats are on the same side. Lucifer believes in God, he just does not agree with him. In fact, democrats and Lucifer actually hate God. They may lie and say otherwise, but Lucifer is after all the father of all lies.

One must go back in time before the earth existed to the great council in Heaven.

Although spoken of as a single council, there may have been multiple meetings where the gospel was taught and appointments were made. Jesus and the prophets were foreordained in the council. A redeemer was to perform a twofold mission in redeeming mankind from the physical and spiritual deaths brought about by the Fall of Adam and also in providing redemption, upon repentance, for sins committed by individuals. At a certain point in the council, the Father asked, "Whom shall I send [as the Redeemer]?" Jesus Christ, known then as the great I AM and as Jehovah, answered, "Here am I, send me," and agreed to follow the Father's plan (Moses 4:1-4;Abr. 3:27). As a counter-measure, Lucifer offered himself and an amendment to the Father's plan of saving mankind that would not respect their agency. The substitute proposal was also designed to exalt Lucifer above the throne of God. The Father's response was, "I will send the first" (meaning Jehovah). Lucifer rebelled and became Satan, or "the devil." A division developed among the spirits, and no spirits were neutral (DS 1:65-66). There was war in heaven (Rev. 12:7-8), and the third of the hosts who followed Lucifer were cast out (Rev. 12:4D&C 29:36). These rebellious spirits, along with Lucifer, were thrust down to the earth without physical bodies (Rev. 12:9; cf. Isa. 14:12-17). The Prophet Joseph Smith explained: "The contention in heaven was-Jesus said there would be certain souls that would not be saved; and the devil said he could save them all, and laid his plans before the grand council, who gave their vote in favor of Jesus Christ. So the devil rose up in rebellion against God, and was cast down, with all who put up their heads for him" (TPJS, p. 357). Heavenly Father and the faithful spirits in heaven wept over them (D&C 76:25-29). Satan and his followers are still at war with those spirits who have been born into mortality (Rev. 12:9; cf. "War in Heaven," p. 788).

Think of agency as freedom. Jesus' plan was that we would have complete freedom and ,would also be held accountable for our actions. Lucifer, on the other hand suggested that a little less freedom could ensure that all mankind was saved.

Benjamin Franklin said “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. ... Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security.

So what it came down to in simple terms is that Lucifer was a democrat. He believes that government (him) knows best and will remove some freedom for a better end result.

Lucifer and democrats agree in all things. Let us examine how important freedom is and why Lucifer's plan so was evil and made God so mad, that he kicked Lucifer out of heaven, denied him the opportunity to ever receive a body, and most importantly, denied Lucifer the option of ever coming to his senses and seeing the light and changing his mind and requesting forgiveness. There is no sin in the entire collection of universes, star systems, and galaxies, as evil as being a democrat and here is why:

Imagine the freedom that God has. He can do anything he wants. He doesn't want to do anything bad because he knows there are consequences. He can build worlds, create spirits, and human bodies. He can do whatever he pleases with no limitations of any kind. We would not want evil people to have this much power because they might blow up an entire universe just for fun. With power, comes responsibility. Democrats do not like responsibility. Democrats want girls to be able to have all the sex they want and if they get pregnant, they can just kill the baby and go on as if nothing happened.

Removing even a single freedom is terrible. Not having freedom is like being on a train track. The builder of the track decides where you can go. He, whether big government or Satan knows what is best for the train and the train just has to trust the big government. But having freedom and taking personal responsibility for one's actions is like having a 4 wheel drive Hummer that can cross the train track and go left or right and pick up a pretty hitch hiker and go have a picnic far from the tracks and the train can not go there because it is not possible to leave the track.

God allowed us to temporarily create children. When we die, we lose that capability. The trial of earth life will determine how much freedom we can handle. The founders of this country tried an experiment to see if man could govern themselves. It had never been tried before. Since no democracy has ever succeeded, they tried something completely new called a constitutional republic. They wrote the constitution so that we could never be a democracy. Satan and democrats have removed the truth from schools and made it illegal to tell the truth. But you can still read books and discover the truth that they do not want you to know.

It all comes down to one word. Freedom. And anyone that wants to remove even a single one for any reason is an evil prick that should burn in hell for eternity. Jesus knew this, but also knew that with freedom comes personal responsibility. Jesus says you have the choice to have sex, but should choose not to until the time is right. Satan says have sex and kill the bastard if necessary. Big difference!

Jesus wants parents to raise their children with truth. Satan and Hillary want the village to raise your children with the collective morals and certainly, no God.

Everything a democrat believes in is evil. There is not a single talking point that has any merit. The democrats have smooth tongues and make things look good.

Democrats bleed good people dry.

So the LDS Church may let democrats be members as they allow all sinners to be, as does most any church. As for the church allowing democrats to enter their Temples, it is only done by a democrat bishop, stake president, or other evil person except when the democrat obtains Temple privilege by deception or false pretense.

It is not possible for a democrat to vote for abortion, fagots, high taxes, big government, loss of freedoms, etc. and be ANY Christian, including a Mormon. It is not possible for a person to restrict private property rights and be Christ-like.

The battle between good and evil is about 50/50. Fifty percent of the population was either pure evil or incredibly stupid to have voted for Obama. Not because he is black. Because he is evil. And that is another word that democrats have changed the meaning of, racist. When they say anti racist, they mean anti-white. Everything about democrats is based on evil and lies.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

God did not put us here to fail

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Now is the time to choose


Freedom is not only the most important thing on earth, it is the most important thing to God and every universe that He created and every living thing including the infinite and beyond.

A computer can do massive amounts of calculations in a single second, but is bound by an instruction set that limits it's freedom to “think out of the box”. That is, it has to follow the rules and can not arbitrarily decide to do things a different way. The computer, therefore, can not be creative. It can only do things that have been preprogrammed.

Creating life is a complicated process that man as yet has not accomplished. Man together with woman can create a physical body, but the spirit comes from somewhere else. God has granted man the capability to procreate and set certain guidelines, which unlike a computer, man has the ability to break the rules, and do something else. This is called freedom.

Freedom is a very important thing. In fact, it is the subject of the biggest and longest and most decisive war in the infinite worlds of God and all of His creations. There is no other thing as important in all of infinity than freedom. There never has been and there never will be. Ever, because it is not possible, even for God to create anything as important as freedom. For freedom to even exist, there must be choices. If there are no choices, then it is like a train on a track. The train can not choose to go somewhere other than the track. Choices mean opposition in all things.

When the spirits that God had created or assembled, or caused to be, or however this was done, had achieved a level of intelligence that was literally out of this world, it became time to advance to the next level. The physical level would allow feelings, touch, and other senses and things that would bring the spirits closer to a state of Godhood. The human experience would necessarily have to be a temporary one, because freedom would be involved. Like the Constitutional Republic form of government of the United States, it only works if the government is comprised of good and honest people. Freedom can not be maintained by evil forces. This meant that it would be necessary for humans to die. Humans are evil by nature and can not be trusted with the power of either freedom or procreation for any extended period of time. It is far too dangerous. It would be like putting a wolf in charge of the chickens.

But many of the spirits could be trusted with both freedom and procreation. Even for eternity. The test is to see which ones.

God presented His plan to his spirit children. Freedom and procreation are so important and powerful things that they can not be trusted to the evil, wicked, or social minded. Putting these most valuable attributes in the hands of those not worthy of such, would be like placing a fully automatic machine gun, loaded with an unlimited amount of bullets, into the hands of an infant, so that if the child pulled the trigger, millions of people would be killed in a matter of just a few moments. The consequences of such would be far too great. There would need to be a test. It would be necessary to erase the memories of all participants before their entering the testing area because if not, they would all pass the test for sure, since they would know what it was all about. Then, those that passed the test could be given the power of freedom and procreation.

Lucifer suggested that by removing a few freedoms, he could guarantee that all would pass the test.

Jesus pointed out that losing freedoms was never a good choice and that only wicked and vile democrats and socialists would ever even suggest such a stupid idea.

Lucifer gained favor with a third of the population assembled by stating he would take care of them and offer such things as welfare, food stamps, even Obummercare. He would even see to it that an evil man named Roosevelt would create a new deal that took money from the productive and gave it to the slothful. A third of the congregation were fooled by the silver tongue of the evil one!

Jesus explained that freedom was more precious than anything ever imaginable. For without freedom, we would be on a train track and not in charge of our own destiny. He pointed out that social programs were for churches and charitable organizations and not for government. A third of the spirits could see the truth in what Jesus said.

So, there was a third for Lucifer and his democratic social programs and a third for freedom. This left a third that was undecided. You might say the undecided were not the brightest bulbs in heaven. This meant there were a third lazy and evil, a third benevolent and confident, and a third kind of like Africans that couldn't care less about anything as long as they could have free sex and dig bugs out of trees to eat.

So God kicked all of the democrats out of heaven forever and was so incredibly pissed off at them and their idiotic social program ideas that he even removed their ability to change their mind, or repent, or even participate in the human experience at all, except as demons, liars, and destroyers of anything good. Forever and for all eternity, these morons would never have a body, never procreate, and never achieve Godhood and the ability to have the freedom of choice for all eternity.

God gave the benefit of the doubt to the less bright and did allow them to participate in the test, but with limitations. They would have every opportunity to pass the test and could participate in Godhood if they achieved it.

The best spirits would come to earth or their designated planet and be born into circumstances that were designed specifically for them based on their past performance. There was to be no random chance as to be born white or black, rich or poor. There would be good come from every walk in life and even queers could become rock stars and blacks could become presidents.

Whether people believe this or not does not make it any less so.

Thomas Jefferson and Benjamen Franklin have stated these truths and as a result, the evil school administrators have removed their books from school shelves.

We were given the Bible and other written testimony like the Dead Sea Scrolls. We have the ability to choose. Many will make bad choices and that is the purpose of the test, to determine who loves freedom and is willing to fight for it and who are lazy worthless pieces of shit that are willing to give up a little freedom to have a little security.

There will not be a single democrat in the higher degrees of heaven where freedom and procreation are unlimited. These vermin will not be allowed families or the ability to create worlds and children without end.

Democrats are the lowest life forms as they spread their filthy lies and do their best to destroy freedoms for everyone. Fortunately, they will get their reward.

While it may seem that all good people should rip the heads off every democrat and urinate down their throat tube, and they certainly do deserve it, and the world would be a much better place for it, but it would deprive the evil pricks from committing the vile acts that will condemn them to hell forever. And when it is all said and done, and we are in our infinite glory, they will wish that they could be where we are and would gladly be urinated on if that would help, but it won't.