Sunday, November 2, 2014

H1N1 virus confirmed at Duchesne High School

Duchesne High School has reported that at least one student has been confirmed with the deadly H1N1 virus.  The virus which originated in Mexico may have spread through the massive influx of illegal aliens into the NE Utah community to get welfare and food stamps and obtain work in the oilfields in order to funnel money out of the United States into Mexico.  
Stan Young, the school principal has been unavailable for comment over the weekend.  The school notified parents of the potential threat to their children via an automated system which calls hundreds of numbers at the same time and delivers a message.  Normally, the system is used to get parents to donate more money to the school after the administration has exhausted normal channels to raise money.  This time however, the message was more ominous with the realization that at least one student could potentially cause the death of another student.  

H1H1 is a swine flu that somehow mutated to be able to transmit to humans.  It normally is not fatal except to the immune suppressed, the elderly, and the very young.  There are students at the school that are immune suppressed in order for their bodies to not reject an organ that has been transplanted in order to save their life.  For these students, the infected student is an attempted murderer.  

The school has not yet released the name of the infected student or even the race of the student so that people at risk can save their own lives by avoiding contact with the infected.  The local newspaper has a tendency to not report even the outbreak, let alone anything about it.  The newspaper actually refused to report that the school was dropping children off at a location out in the desert, miles from the closest home, in the weather, and with no shelter.  Sometimes children walk several miles if their parents can't pick them up for some reason.  

Some say the County is ripe for a lawsuit.  They were ordered by the Court to pay $3.5 million last year in a discrimination case.  

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