Sunday, November 16, 2014

Are all races the same to God?

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The plan for salvation was and is a very complex matter. Aside from the plan itself, the circumstances for every individual are unique. Each spirit in the pre-mortal world was in a unique state of advancement and each spirit had a unique belief system. Regardless of where a spirit was in relationship to other spirits, the mortal world must be a custom fit for each spirit and take into account the progression or lack thereof of each individual spirit.

Upon entering mortality, each spirit would be placed in circumstances that fit his or her individual state of progression, but also a custom fit of obstacles and tests that would allow each individual spirit the unique set of circumstances that would best build upon the existing qualities and place circumstances in their path to best grow the areas that may need enhancement. This is an infinitely complex school that fully exploits existing knowledge and prepares the spirit for advancement in the areas that only mortality could provide.

To say that God treats each person the same would be incredibly stupid. Mortality is a school and every school has different grades and different levels of achievement in each grade and each student is unique. The school is designed to maximize the learning of each student and in order to be fair, must treat every student different depending on the unique needs of each individual student. Surely if God treated everyone the same, the whole plan would be a farce and be 100% Satanic instead of 100% Christ-like.

Only Satan and his followers are politically correct or treat everyone the same. The United States Constitution states that all men are created equal under the law, and rightly so. The speed limit applies the same to a negro as a white man.

Adam and Eve were of the same race. White and delightsome. As people's behavior changed, so did their circumstances. When Cain killed Abel, Cain's behavior produced a different set of circumstances for certain spirits to be born into. Building the Tower of Babel and the resulting creation of multiple races, introduced an additional infinite set of circumstances for spirits to be born into. One thing that can not be disputed is that every individual was unique and was treated accordingly.

Satan could cause dissent by convincing people that they were the same as someone else or that they should be treated the same or that they should be entitled to the same possessions even though they had not earned them.

In nature and with God, no two people are ever equal, not even identical twins. Only Satan and his followers are evil enough to believe otherwise.

In fact, God rewards those that excel and punishes those that are disobedient. The same is true of all loving parents. To suggest otherwise is evil.

But just because God has a chosen people, does not mean that those not chosen can not become chosen or likewise excel. People are not equal. Opportunity is equal, however. When a man passes his examination to become a doctor, he become chosen for that profession. Likewise, anyone else that passes that same test can achieve the same status as a result. It is earned. Not given to the undeserving like socialism or Satanism.

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